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What happens when you find out that your mother is a victim of predatory lending, that her home is in foreclosure,  and there is nothing you can do to help?
Our Mom treats her house like a family member. She has lovingly tended to her yard for the past 60 years and continues to do so. It's what she looks forward to every season. Mom's house holds three generations of memories. After suffering a series of illnesses and hospitalizations, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Now her home is in foreclosure. Our mother’s stability depends upon her remaining in her home within the familiar surroundings which contain all of the memories that keep her connected to her life.

Why is this happening?
Our mother is one of the many predatory lending victims hurt by Wells Fargo during housing collapse. Predatory lending is when the borrower is led into a transaction that is not what they expected. Victims can often be elderly people who are living on fixed incomes and who are allowed to use their home equity as collateral. Using income documentation the bank has refused to verify, Wells Fargo went ahead and approved Mom for three separate loans, all of which they knew she could not possibly afford based on her Social Security income. Given our mother’s cognitive decline she was not only unable to make the right decisions for herself, but the bank also processed mortgages for her which she was clearly not eligible. She has fallen into extraordinary debt and is facing the imminent foreclosure sale of her home of almost 60 years. Displacing her from the one place she knows and loves  would certainly have an irreversible and detrimental effect. Our Mom should not be punished for signing loan papers she was neither emotionally or financially qualified to sign.

Why time isn't on our side:
By the time we realized how much trouble Mom was in, it was too late to intervene. The statute of limitations for predatory lending had run out. We have only a few short weeks to prevent this foreclosure sale from occurring or she will be torn away from her home and forced into a state-run nursing facility, leaving her devastated and confused. A fate she does not deserve.

We have only a few short weeks to act on her behalf. Please sign our petition and tell Wells Fargo to let our Mom stay in her home. She may be our mother but she could also be yours. Thank you!

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If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure contact the Foreclosure Resisters, a New York City based community of homeowners facing and fighting foreclosure through intensive legal and political education, story sharing, and collective acts of solidarity and resistance.