On April 25th, we attended the Wells Fargo Shareholders meeting in Jacksonville, FLA, with our 86-year-old mother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This trip was made possible through the generous support of the New York based non-profit organization: Foreclosure Resisters.  Despite Mom’s knee injury and being wheelchair bound, we were determined to fly to Florida to stand before the shareholders of Well Fargo and tell them our story.
In a crowded room, we were each permitted to speak for only two minutes to the new CEO of Wells Fargo, Tim Sloan, and the newly elected board of directors. We spoke in detail about the Financial Elder Abuse perpetrated against our mother and the deflection of the loan origination who wrongfully and knowingly gave her three unaffordable mortgages within in one year.
While Jamie delivered the factual aspects of the history of Mom’s loans, it was during Melissa’s emotional and impassioned appeal, that she implored CEO Tim Sloan to apologize to Mom personally.  At the conclusion of the Shareholders meeting, Mr. Sloan came down from the stage, got on his knee to meet Mom in her wheelchair and hugged her.
In addition to Mr. Sloan, we met Franklin Codel, Senior Executive Vice President of Consumer Lending for Wells Fargo, who said he was aware of Mom’s case. Mr. Codel referred us to the co-Vice Presidents Michael Harrison and Steven Sidman, who met with us for more than an hour to discuss various ways they could help us save mom’s home.
Thankfully, Wells Fargo is acknowledging that reparations need to be made. They are currently negotiating with our family to develop a mutually agreeable resolution.  But Mom’s plight will not be over until we have proof of Wells Fargo’s commitment, and no longer need to update this petition.
We are extremely grateful for your support.  Your help has contributed to bringing us this far and we ask that you continue to share mom’s story.


Please read our thank you letter to Wells Fargo  CEO Tim Sloan and supporting documents below: